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The Mosaic Light™

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Full Description


The Mosaic Light is creative assembly night light that allows one to decorate any room in your house, apartment or office while also providing soothing lighting. With our lights you can create a one-of-a-kind ever-changing piece of artwork in your own home. 


Create your own masterpiece 

The hexagonal shape of The Mosaic Light allows you to crate any shape you want. Add the 16 million colors and you have the ability to create a piece of art in your own room.


Sync With Your Music

Transmit your music into a visual light display. Rhythm mode allows your lights to react to sound and music.


Smart App Control 

With smart app control you'll have the ability to program custom patterns, color changes, choose from preset displays or create a completely customized and unique display and more! To download the app click here for ios and here for Google play store 

Google & Alexa Enabled: 

The app further upgrades your experience by allowing for WiFi control including Google and Alexa integration. Use Google or Alexa to give voice commands to your lights.

Easy Install: 

The installation process is quite simple and easy. Click HERE to see the installation process.

 Dimensions: 3.39 x 2.93 x 1.2 inches





Which set should I buy?

We recommend starting with our 3pc set, so it is not too little or too much to start with!

Are there buttons for the light?

There are touch buttons on the front and back. You can press and hold these buttons to turn the light on/off.

How long will it take to arrive?

United States Shipping: 4-13 Days

International Shipping: 2-4  Weeks

We are currently experiencing delays due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please allow an additional 7-10 days for your package to arrive. Thank You.

Can I put these on my wall or my ceiling?

Yes, you can.

What is the maximum amount of lights I can connect together?

For the best experience, we recommend not connecting more than 10 with only 1 power source. However, customers have sent us pictures of them connecting up to 50 with a single power source.

How do I connect to the app?

You can find a video detailing the installation process on our Set Up page. Your phone will need to be connected to the same WiFi as the lights and the lights need to be connected to 2.4GHz WiFi. You can download the app for iOS HERE and for Android HERE.


Can I cancel an order?

Yes but only before it has been processed and shipped. After it has been shipped there is no possible way to cancel. Orders are usually shipped within 72 hours of the order being placed.

100% Satisfaction?

Yes, if we happen to fail to deliver your products you will be refunded.

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